Love is all that matters. It took me a while to figure out things and a lot of soulful reflections for anything that had happened in my life.  I used to write when I was in high school but quits writing when I reached college until I started working. It felt good when you found out that your first love has been reborn – writing. Blogging catches my attention since last year. Unlike others, I blog whenever I feel like it or when I remember to do it especially in times of boredom.I posted a few of my poems I’d made few years ago. My love for writing started when I have so much in my head that I want to share.

I am a working mom, a nurse by profession who works in an almost 1000 bed capacity hospital in SG. I’ve been in this country for almost 8 years.  I started blogging because it’s one way of diverting my homesickness to my family.  I’m a doting mom to an adorable, smart and joyful 3-year-old daughter. We bond every time I’m home and while my husband is at work.

This blog serves as a personal journal on my career as an anesthetic nurse, an OFW, as a mother, a wife and as a concerned citizen of my beloved country – Philippines.

I hope that every time you happened to browse my page, you’ll be able to learn something, be inspired by the things that you’ve read, and drop feedback in the comments section below to help me improve my blogging because I am a neophyte to this kind of writing.

Until then, to my next post…Shalom!


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