To Our Superhero, Gail calls Him Daddy♥️

👨‍👩‍👧Priceless moments with the love of our lives- we call him our real superhero!❤️💖

We want you to know, how blessed we are to have you, And today, we would like to say, Thank you very much, Daddy Jay- our real superhero. You are the best dad Gail could ever have, You raised her with style, Teaching her lessons, She will treasure for life. A hands-on dad who only a few knew, A father who never boasts, Just worked silently for those you love the most. Gail loves every Sunday, It means you’ll be with her the whole day, You’ll be playing all day long, While singing a jolly happy song. Another reason we love you, too. When we are with you, We feel like real queens, Sitting beside the most powerful king. This Fathers’ Day, We want you to know that we love all the things you do, As time goes on, We are more proud, Me – to call you as my husband, And Gail is more grateful to call you – Daddy! Happy Father’s Day to the sweetest, smartest, wonderful, loving and caring husband and daddy Gail could ever have! God blesses you always, Daddy Jay! You mean more than the world to us! We love you so much! Lots of love, unli hugs and kisses, 💕 Mommy Q & Gail 💞